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Sickle Cell in Africa   

Buy a Sickle box for an African child

Medicines and hospital admissions are essentially the lifelines for children and young people living with this genetic blood disorder - Sickle cell anaemia, to keep well. They are easily overwhelmed by bacterial infections and need to have access to drugs that will build up their immunity.

Unfortunately, many families in Africa are not able to afford the costs of these drugs and hospitalization, thus many children become overwhelmed by minor infections that cause more organ damage or terminate their lives.

We would like to appeal to you to help us to raise funds to purchase these essential drugs and equipment that will essentially be prolonging and saving lives of children and young people.

Sickle cell and Young Stroke Survivors has been working in Africa since 2008 especially in Nigeria where 1 in 4 of over 40 million people carry the sickle cell gene; over 250,000 sickle cell affected babies are born every year.  
There are so many families in Africa that have been affected by Sickle cell in one way or another, lives have been devastated by untimely deaths, families have been ripped apart, women have constantly been ostracized from their community and have been branded witches.

Young people are labelled ‘Sicklers’ which is demeaning and leads to low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts. These are just a few the difficulties children, young people and their families have to face day by day.

Our ambition is to ensure that children, young people and their parents/carers have a voice and governments of affected countries make a positive change in their lives.


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